Seal of quality Escuela 2.0

The Ministry of Education of Spain gives to Atlantic Devices the Escuela 2.0 Quality Seal.
The quality mark 2.0 School Seal, brings public recognition of our company's commitment to developing and improving educational quality by using information technology and communication technology (ICT) project under the School 2.0
As stated in the B.O.E. of 8 December 2011, the Ministry of Education through the ITE (Institute of Educational Technology) has awarded Atlantic Devices the distinctive stamp of quality Escuela 2.0 based on actions in favor of the school project 2.0.
As stated in the blog of the same institute Secretary of State for Education and Training Quality grant recognition Escuela 2.0 to Post Print - Atlantic Devices based on the following considerations: Having deployed technological means operatively applied to environments education in a fully satisfactory to the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in the proceedings of the Program Escuela 2.0.
Post Print S.L. - Atlantic Devices participates in various projects statewide through a network of collaborators in the educational world. Thanks to an accessible and comprehensive plan provides students and teachers have the necessary technological tools and incorporate them as a regular part of work, providing online media and face-to train teachers and managers of ICT in schools.
The primary objective is to improve and enrich the quality of teaching, working with the Ministry of Education, ITE and the various ministries to integrate information technology and communication in schools to accelerate the incorporation of the use of digital technologies in the teaching practice. Experience in public schools of Catalonia has been fully satisfactory as well as the pilot project in the Castilla y León, which has deployed the full range MIMIO Integrated Classroom and other pilots in the Community of Madrid, as part of the Escuela 2.0 program activities.
This badge is a recognition of the efforts made over the years towards improving the integration of ICT in active and collaborative learning to improve the quality and outcome of current educational systems.

For more information, please see pages relating to Programa Escuela 2.0 the Boletín Oficial del Estado gazette nº 295

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