Warranties and refunds policy


Prepare the product properly packaged for dispatch and attach a label clearly visible on the packaging with the RMA authorization code that we provided to take back. Any package without the RMA authorization code will be rejected by our warehouse. The shipment to our facilities will be borne by the customer. The return of the material repaired or replaced under warranty will be prepaid by Atlantic Devices.

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RMA refunds constitutes acceptance of the conditions for processing the refund and warranties set forth in the following section:


- Authorization: Any product during the warranty period or with materials or workmanship defects is available to be refunded under our permission. You may request permission from our sales agent or by sending an email to the technical department at ec@atlanticdevices.com The request must include the product , serial number of the unit, the date of purchase or copy of the bill, along with a description of the problem. After checking the data and warranty periods depending on the product and manufacturer, we will send you the return authorization number RMA to be included in your shipment.

- No shipping for warranty repair or replacement will be processed for products or equipment when there is not shipped with its original package and do not contain all the original elements (cables, drivers, manuals) as home delivery. Neither the case of non-original packaging nor damage caused in transport is covered by the manufacturer warranty. In that case the customer the customer must claim to the carrier.

- Relationship to the user: The responsibility for ensuring against the end user is the distributor or reseller, so Atlantic Devices will not handle warranty inquiries or actions directly with the end user. If you receive requests from the end user will always refer to your point of purchase. Against the manufacturer, Atlantic Devices will manage and enforce the rights of warranty under the terms offered by him and under current legislation.

Atlantic Devices neither process the product manufacturers warranty with no trading partner since January 1, 2008 to date, nor for products despite being in our current manufacturers portfolio have been acquired through alternative comercial channels such as other domestic or foreign wholesalers, parallel imports etc ...

- Exclusions of Warranty: The manufacturer and Atlantic devices do not respond to faults or defects caused by misuse or negligent use, wear, tear, modification, storage or mishandling of the product. We do not neither respond when the date of purchase cannot be proved nor the purchase date indicates that the product is out of warranty offered by the manufacturer under the provisions relating to the product or license. In case of being excluded of warranty, Atlantic Devices will communicate to the customer the reason for the exclusion of warranty.

- Service Fee: In case of exclusion of warranty
there will be a repair estimate. In case of non acceptance of the charges, the customer will be billed the equivalent of one hour of service (56 € + VAT) for management costs. Once paid the amount the package will be returned to the customer in the same condition as received. Atlantic Devices reserves the right to retain the proceeds as a security for payment.


In the case that the goods present an abnormality in the pack, should be made a complaint to the carrier immediately writing the defect observed in the delivery note and indicating that the conformity test is saved. If after opening the packaging you see any damage must be notified immediately (with a maximum of 24 hours from receipt). After that time, the carrier is not responsible for the incidence and Atlantic Devices assumes no responsibility beyond the 24 hours of receipt, when this is done with postage prepaid. For deliveries, carriage transport is responsibility of the customer.


Acceptance of the goods the buyer assumes compliance with these conditions of sale and the specialties of each business transaction.


Any dispute or difference in applying these indemnity clauses were adjudicated in the courts of tribunals of commerce of Barcelona.

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